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Marina Del Rey Modern Makeover

A retired couple enjoys their new life-stage by updating their townhouse home.

After raising two children and enjoying their medical careers, these two Dutch doctors were ready for retirement and to modernize their townhouse home.  Their overall goal was to improve the functionality of the kitchen and family room plus create more warmth in the open floorplan, using color, texture, and a more modern style. 


The job included: a complete kitchen remodel, refinished hardwood floors, adding wall color, designing custom built-in cabinets, new window coverings and adding new contemporary light fixtures.


Born in the Netherlands, their minimalist taste integrates clean, contemporary style with touches of family antique furnishings, like the entry area rug and table.  By enriching the floor color, adding fabric drapes and a more contemporary wall color, the overall feeling was warmer and more inviting.


The kitchen was remodeled with sleek, modern cabinetry, two-toned cabinet colors, improved LED lighting and a more efficient island.

Photography Marc Angeles; Unlimited Style Photography

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