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What Our Clients Say


We understand that each stage of life can bring different design needs, and we strive to work closely with our clients to ensure their individual needs are met. Our satisfied clients have praised us for our attention to detail, personalized approach, and ability to bring their vision to life. We are here to help you every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the final installation.

“Jackie is phenomenal to work with! She truly pours her heart and soul into the project. She is very detail oriented and makes sure that everything is done properly with great taste. Jackie takes great pride and joy in her work and attends to her clients projects as if they were her very own. Jackie came highly recommended to me and working with her gave me great comfort and reassurance throughout my whole renovation project. 

Jackie is truly gifted and invests so much time and effort into responding to questions, doing research, and custom designing the perfect plan. I am thrilled with my kitchen and family room renovation and can’t imagine having done it without Jackie to guide me each step of the way. I was very lucky to work with Jackie and highly recommend her!”

Lisa G.

“I cannot say enough good things about Jackie Steinberg of Eve Mode Design and how she has designed and managed the remodel of my condo in Marina del Rey. This has been a long-distance project as I currently live in Florida. Although I have made a number of visits back to LA to work with her in person choosing materials, fixtures, furniture and appliances, cross-country communication has been key. Jackie has faithfully kept me informed of all progress and issues, as well as choices to be made, through phone calls, texts, FaceTime calls and photos.”

Her industry relationships are sol
id, plus her taste and judgment are superb. She listens to my suggestions and concerns, and most importantly also hears what is underneath them. I have never done a project of this scope, but Jackie spent all the time we needed to get to know me, my priorities, my taste, my limits, my budget. Equally important she is thorough and strong representing us with the contractor and his crew.


The happy consequence is that I have great trust in her. Not only will the result be a beautiful new home for me, but we’ve also had a lot of fun along the way. What a bonus!”

Monia J

“Jacqueline Steinberg was very helpful in starting our home remodeling project. She is very knowledgeable, has great interior designing abilities and very professional. Jacqueline gave us a lot of great suggestions and design ideas to improve the overall appearance of our house. She helped us to pick all the material necessary for construction including facets and appliances. She introduced us to contractors and sales consultants that she frequently uses. She is very pleasant to work with, efficient and prompt to deliver a top notch service.”

N. Lekht

“We hired Jackie in September of 2014 to redecorate our Master bedroom. 

We are thrilled with the beautiful transformation of our bedroom! We now feel like we are walking into an elegant retreat!

Jackie is very easygoing and quite patient. She was able to capture the vision I had for our room and execute that vision giving us a beautiful end result. In fact, many times Jackie “knew” me better than I knew myself! She would say “I don’t think you will be happy with that choice.” She was then able to help steer me towards things that she understood would end up satisfying us more.

We are very appreciative of Jackie’s hard work and are thankful every time we walk into our bedroom and feel like we are entering a beautifully decorated hotel suite.”

Audrey A.  

“We decided to do a complete makeover of our 3-bedroom condo in Tarzana, after having lived there for over 10 years. We were so unhappy with our living space, that we had stopped having people over to visit. We were starting from scratch. Both My Husband & I had no experience with remodeling or construction and we interviewed several people before settling on Eve Mode design. We were living in complete chaos. Our kid’s toys had taken over our living room, and our kitchen and bathroom were both outdated and cluttered. We had had enough…

First we hired an interior designer on a personal recommendation…yet quickly realized she was not up to the challenge ahead. We realized we needed a more experienced and organized, pro-active designer, that could do both interior drawings and also help us envision a whole new living environment. We wanted to go from chaos to organization. Luckily we found Eve Mode Design.

Three weeks before we were meant to “break ground” , we hired Jackie/Eve Mode design through the website Houzz. Although I was hesitant to hire someone without a personal recommendation, we met with her in desperation to see if she was a good fit for our project and us. After having to fire our contractor one week before we were meant to start construction, Jackie stepped in and found us a great contractor last minute.

Jackie was very organized and methodical about getting the remodel going and started on time. We moved out, and had given the project 4 months from start to finish.

We loved the idea of having a contemporary design that was both inviting and calm. Jackie was helpful in guiding me through the process from choosing tile to choosing flooring. She quickly got a sense of my style and guided me in making choices that both my family and me would enjoy. She worked with an amazing cabinetmaker that redesigned our entire kitchen and living room into organized and fresh living areas. Including building custom closets. She helped me pick out color schemes, lighting and furniture and helped us supervise the remodel process from start to finish.

Throughout the remodel Jackie was attentive to our needs and always responded to emails from us in a timely manner. We are now living in our “new” contemporary condo and couldn’t be happier. Thank you to Jackie, for helping us make the transition into a home we are no longer embarrassed to show our friends.”

Hb Wein

“As my husband and I discussed the remodel for our newly purchased condo, we had lots of ideas (not always the same : )) of what the aesthetic should be.

So we did our homework before meeting with Jackie; honing our ideas on style, color, scale and schematics; logging endless hours on Houzz, watching too much HGTV and bookmarking countless pages from design magazines. We were prepared!

Jackie listened and understood our vision. When we asked her to show us certain paint color, tile, fabric, etc. she delivered – including some of her own ideas.

EVERY TIME, Jackie’s ‘suggestion’ was above and beyond anything we could have come up with on our own! From built-ins and light fixtures to paint and furniture fabrics – her suggestions were transformative! For those who had seen our place prior to Jackie’s work, their reaction now was WOW!

Jackie’s keen eye, organization, care, commitment and professionalism are bar none! We are SO grateful we had her! We love our new home!”


“I hired Jackie to help me decorate my apartment and was initially worried she wouldn’t take such a small project but she happily agreed to assist. She helped us to design our dining room, office and guest room, and paint the entire apartment (hiring a team and picking out the colors). We wanted to do one of our rooms a dark blue and I was very nervous but with her assistance choosing the paint, it worked out better than I could have imagined, and I would have never done it without her assurance.


We also worked together on some custom furniture (a built-in office and a bench for the dining room). When the bench didn’t turn out exactly as I expected, she had the entire thing redone. For me, it was a lifesaver having an expert being able to coordinate everything and make sure that colors matched, things were proportional, etc. I’m very happy with her work and I would highly recommend her for a home decorating project.”


“I found Jackie on Houzz after getting outrageous bids on living room built ins. I decided I needed a designer to help me create built-ins and a mantel that were contemporary and could fit in my budget. Jackie did just that.


She understood the style I was looking for from the beginning and the ideas she had were great. I didn’t intend on painting the living or dining room but we went for it and I am in love with it all! I was also very impressed by the quality of work that was done.”

Amy & Jesse

“My husband and I were looking for a designer to help us finish our home and make it complete. After our initial meeting with Jackie at our home and hearing all of her wonderful suggestions and ideas, we were sold. Jackie made the decision making process as easy as possible, by learning what my husband prefers and what I prefer (which are quite different!).


From responding to texts and emails quickly, to meeting at stores, to organizing orders, and purchasing items; it was all pretty painless! She was able to create a home that we are proud of, want to show off, are comfortable in, and really feel like it’s ours. We are so happy with the outcome of our project and the relationship we created with Jackie.”

H. Esterberg

“We hired Jackie from Eve Mode Design to help us remodel our new house for our big family. The house is 5,000sq.ft. – 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms. To say the very least, we were really overwhelmed with the project and didn’t know where to start, but Jackie helped us get through every stage of the project until completion! From custom kitchen and bathroom vanities, to flooring, wallpaper and window coverings, to knobs and pulls – everything was covered, no detail was too small.

Jackie suggested that we custom-build some of our furniture so it works better with the space and the style. I was really hesitant about custom furniture but Jackie convinced me and now we have the most beautiful and comfortable custom kitchen banquette, dining table and chairs, sectional sofa, beds and many other custom furniture pieces. With her beautiful designs and fabrics selections and sources for very skillful furniture makers, I could not be happier with my furniture! Nothing we saw in furniture catalogs and stores comes even close!”

D. Gorban

“I have an old, 1940’s LA house, with minimal closet and storage space, and original floor plan (smaller, chopped up rooms, with dining room in center of house, living room to right, down 2 steps, hardwood floors, bay window, etc). I did not want to do major construction, but wanted to add built ins and do major design work. My house, before, was a hodgepodge of hand me downs, and various kinds of furniture. I needed a more adult, cohesive house. Jackie of Eve Mode has great taste, was on my wavelength, listened to what I wanted in terms of color, design and tried to follow my taste while still providing constructive feedback. She provides work boards for each room, showing you patterns and how furniture would lay out. She also has great resources and tries to keep within a budget. I would show her a picture of something I like and if we could not find it, then we had it made.

I LOVE my newly designed home, with beautiful built ins in 3 rooms now (kitchen nook, complete redo of my home office and bedroom). I have storage space; and my home feels totally new. I am not done yet but close. (Home Design does seem like a never ending process once you start and subscribing to Houzz magazine does not help as I am always looking for new ideas! :))

I totally would recommend Jackie of Eve Mode.”

L. Petkin

“Jackie just helped us complete the remodel of the entire first floor of our home. She had said in the beginning it would be fun, but I didn’t believe her. I thought it was going to be a nightmare like all the stories I have heard from other people, but I was totally wrong. Jackie DID make the process fun for me, not overwhelming like I had anticipated. My husband and I both work full time and have two small children so I had no idea how we were going to get such a large project done. Jackie was amazingly helpful in so many ways.


She worked around my busy schedule by having meetings early in the morning before work. She was very organized and concise which I loved. She understood what my style was (even when I didn’t sometimes) and always guided me in the right direction. I never second guessed my choices because I knew with her expertise she would not let me make a poor decision. We were on a budget and she respected that and helped me stick to it.

Jackie also helped with everything along the way from start to finish. She communicated with the contractor to make sure things were moving along as expected. This was extremely helpful as this meant that I didn’t have to field calls from the contractor all day long with small questions while I was at work.”

A. Bado

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