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1922 Mediterranean House Is Restored

Built in 1922, this beautiful house reflected many years of family use.  But the working rabbi and her husband were ready to evolve the house for their own use and enjoyment.

The large living room was redesigned to accomplish many needs: increase seating capacity; display their heirloom art and rug; increase lighting specifically for the art display and reading; amplify the home's architectural details, like the stained-glass window, moldings, fireplace and hardwood floors.


All the furniture was custom-made accordingly.  Bookcases bordered the room to organize and display many valuable books and were sized to display the heirloom art “gallery-style” above them. Both were highlighted through new lighting and neutral wall colors. 


Custom-made sofas maximized seating with comfort and style; glass tables floated above the antique rug design; the upholstery and pillow colors were chosen to complement the rug’s importance. 


The many updates were made to maximize the room’s usage without sacrificing the original architectural details or the homeowners’ valuable heirlooms which remained on display.

Photography Marc Angeles; Unlimited Style Photography

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