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Making a House
a Home

A 1980’s house is transformed to showcase the personality and lifestyle of its young Russian homeowners.

The new owners of this 6,000 square foot Calabasas house loved the layout and location,  but knew it did not  reflect their lifestyle, taste and Russian heritage. The house was cold, cavernous, and old-fashioned.

The design objective was to create a warm, elegant, family-friendly home where they could comfortably entertain their large extended family, welcome friends, and raise their young children.

The remodeling process to update 19 rooms including the kitchen, six bathrooms, five bedrooms, the family room, foyer, living and dining rooms, took well over a year.

The end result reflects the couple's transitional taste; combining contemporary, clean silhouettes and gray tones, with traditional elements like wallpaper, moldings, rich fabrics and custom-made furniture designs throughout.

The family now enjoys a large house  that feels like their true home.


Photography Marc Angeles, Unlimited Style Photography

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