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California Beach House

A seaside rental house undergoes a complete remodel to become the owner’s personal sanctuary and home.

The owner of this incredible beach-front condominium was ready for a complete remodel.

Having lived in Florida for many years, she was returning to Los Angeles to start a new life and reclaim usage of her valuable real estate property.  Although it had been run-down and neglected, the condo had the potential to become her “vacation” home; an easy place to live, designed as an expression of her personality, style and taste.


While the floorplan remained largely unchanged, it was updated to accommodate the owner’s lifestyle needs. The kitchen was remodeled to enhance ocean views.  The second bedroom was converted into a den/office.  The master bedroom’s multiple closets were combined to create a large walk-in.


Furnishings were casual, good quality and comfortable.  Entertaining easily and casually was a priority.  The color palette was neutral with playful colors, to incorporate family art and décor.


The condo was transformed into a sanctuary for her new life and personal enjoyment. 

Photos by Marc Angeles; Unlimited Style Photography

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