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The launch of The Good Future Design Alliance (GFDA)

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

The GFDA (Green Furniture Design Alliance) is a collaborative movement led by professionals in the built environment sector, addressing the significant issue of 500 million tons of waste. Comprising architects, interior designers, builders, and manufacturers, GFDA focuses on reducing waste through intelligent design, technology, and creative business solutions. The community offers members benefits such as networking opportunities, educational resources, and work promotion to enhance impact.

The mission of GFDA is to prioritize low-waste design practices for future generations. Their vision includes:

  • Universal training in low-waste protocols.

  • Sustainability experts in every construction team.

  • The incorporation of recycling in demolition bids.

The FAQs clarify membership inclusions, emphasizing a commitment to reducing landfill contributions. GFDA distinguishes itself from LEED by concentrating on waste reduction rather than green building efficiency.

Chapters in San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, and Los Angeles are actively contributing to the movement, with the option for individuals to start chapters in their areas. GFDA operates as a social purpose movement, not a non-profit, and membership fees are directly used to support resources and innovative programming, including educational materials, networking events, and waste reduction initiatives.

Privacy is a priority, assuring members that individual data remains confidential. The FAQs also address the practical aspects of membership, including payment updates and profile management.

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