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ASID 2023 Trend Report

I’m a board member of the ASID Los Angeles chapter (American Society of Interior Designers) and accordingly receive their research reports. What was of most interest to me in the 2023 Trend Report was the importance of Wellness in all aspects of design: residential, commercial, health and hospitality.

There is a lot of misinformation about what constitutes “Wellness”. It is incumbent on designers to educate their clients about the fact versus fiction on this subject.


According to the ASID 2023 Trend Report: Wellness—a split identity.

The wellness market is divided between super-expensive luxury wellness offerings and fads versuspromotion of healthy behaviors and habits that are free or low-cost. Much of the wellness industry remains unregulated and unsupervised, leaving consumers prey tomarketers, promoters, and influencers. Some within the industry are calling for better oversight, moreemphasis on healthy behaviors, and a more inclusive, equitable access to wellness services andproducts.

IMPLICATIONS: When designing spaces for wellness, designers should carefully research products and rely on trustworthy sources and evidence-based findings to ensure that such interventions will produce the desired results.For more information:

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